Gentle Frog’s Landing Pad

Welcome to Gentle Frog’s Bookkeeping Landing Pad, where the world of numbers meets real-life stories. The host, Rachel Barnett, will bring together a series of conversations with small bookkeepers and accountants who’ve walked diverse paths to success. In each episode, we’ll leap into the experiences and insights of other bookkeepers, uncovering not just the ’how’ but the ’why’ behind their careers. From unique challenges to triumphs and everything in between, our guests share practical advice, personal anecdotes, and a few laughs. Whether you’re navigating your own accounting journey or simply curious about the stories behind the spreadsheets, this podcast is your pad for inspiration, learning, and connection. Jump in with us at Gentle Frog’s Bookkeeping Landing Pad, and let’s explore the exciting world of professional number shuffling together.

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Thursday Feb 22, 2024

In this episode, Rachel meets with Kimberly, a newbie in her business, Sunny Skies. She had two decades as a W-2 bookkeeper and decided it was time to branch out. She works from a remote Wyoming ranch, she's jazzed to blend her bookkeeping experience with a her personal touch, she wants to build deeper connections with clients beyond the numbers. She's all about bringing a "warm and full of hugs" approach to the experience her clients have with her. She talks about her fears and working through them. 
Kimberly Schwartzkopf’s business:
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Leonie Dawson:
Boss Moms: (This group is open to all genders and it doesn’t matter if you’re a parent or not.)

Thursday Feb 15, 2024

In this episode, Rachel Barnett talks with Jolene Fleming from Upper Left Accounting in Washington State. Jolene explains how she bought the business from her former employer and what it was like to move from working for others to running her own firm. She highlighted her what her niche is (construction businesses in WA State) and how it has helped her consistently grow. Jolene talks about her experience with rapid growth and appreciation for her team.
Upper Left Accounting
Gentle Frog community

Thursday Feb 08, 2024

In this podcast, we hear from Natasha Neese, a bookkeeper with 20 years of experience. She shares her journey from working in law enforcement to becoming a CPA and now running her own bookkeeping business. Natasha focuses on ecommerce and inventory, partnering with software like SOS Inventory and Finale. She loves helping small business owners understand their inventory and make informed decisions. Natasha also talks about the importance of processes, technology, and helping businesses grow efficiently.

Thursday Feb 01, 2024

In this podcast, Rachel Barnett interviews Carissa Parrish, a bookkeeper from Texas. Carissa shares her two year journey from corporate accounting to running her own bookkeeping business, Perfect Balance Bookkeeper. She talks about the importance of finding what you like doing and evolving your business over time. Carissa began with bookkeeping and is now looking into maybe offering financial advisory and planning. She discusses the challenges of balancing work and personal life, and the transition from being an employee to an entrepreneur. The interview is inspiring, highlighting that success in bookkeeping is achievable with hard work, discipline, and the right mindset.

Thursday Jan 25, 2024

In this podcast episode, Linda Shuler, a seasoned bookkeeper with over 20 years of experience, talks with Rachel Barnett about her journey. Linda started her own bookkeeping business, Shuler’s Bookkeeping Services, LLC, after a long career in medical billing and managing practices. She shares her passion for the job, her move to North Carolina, and her ability to work with clients across the U.S.
Linda's skill in saving companies money is highlighted, like how she got a $15,000 credit for her previous job by spotting overcharges. 
Rachel and Linda also discuss the importance of continual learning, with Linda mentioning resources like LinkedIn Learning and various YouTube channels for bookkeeping knowledge.

Thursday Jan 18, 2024

In this podcast episode, Rachel Barnett interviews Terri Bork, founder of Abacus Gal, a bookkeeping service based in Gainesville, Florida. Terri discusses her three-step process for clients: a diagnostic health check, cleanup of their books, and ongoing monthly bookkeeping. Terri also shares her future plans to operate her business remotely while traveling across America in an RV. The episode aims to inspire bookkeepers by showcasing different approaches to the profession and the entrepreneurial freedom it offers.

Thursday Jan 04, 2024

In this episode of Rachel Barnett's podcast, she interviews Christy Decker, a professional bookkeeper with a diverse and self-taught background in bookkeeping and accounting. Christy shares her journey, starting with managing finances for her own service business, transitioning through various roles, including an accounting manager for a major hotel franchise, and finally embracing virtual bookkeeping during COVID-19. Emphasizing communication and accuracy, Christy highlights her approach to client collaboration and problem-solving, especially in complex areas like construction bookkeeping. The episode underlines the importance of detailed financial management, personalized service, and the value of learning from diverse experiences in the bookkeeping world. Rachel's goal is to inspire bookkeepers to think creatively about their services and learn from others' experiences. Christy's story exemplifies how an entrepreneurial spirit, combined with hands-on experience and continuous learning, can lead to a successful and fulfilling career in bookkeeping.

Thursday Jan 04, 2024

In this podcast episode, Rachel Barnett introduces her new podcast 'Gentle Frogs Landing Pad,' where she interviews everyday bookkeepers, both veterans and newcomers. The show aims to share real-life stories and experiences from the bookkeeping industry, discussing their starts, likes, dislikes, and genuine conversations about the profession. This new podcast differs from her existing 'Gentle Frogs Bookkeeping Lilypad,' which is more focused on the challenges faced by bookkeeping business owners. The episode features clips from the first three episodes, which include interviews with Christy Decker, Terri Bork, and Linda Shuler.

Thursday Dec 28, 2023

Rachel Barnett introduces her new podcast 'Gentle Frogs Landing Pad,' where she interviews everyday bookkeepers, both veterans and newcomers. The show aims to share real-life stories and experiences from the bookkeeping industry, discussing their starts, likes, dislikes, and genuine conversations about the profession. 

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